Key Services

Rapport Communication Consultancy (Rapport CC) is called upon by clients to resolve a specific issue or provide a specific service whether that be: inducting new recruits; enhancing communication; succession planning; restructure; improving team or individual performance; working with new young recruits, managers, directors, and chief executives.

All our work is bespoke – we take a brief from the client and design a response to meet and exceed their expectation, a programme to meet their needs as each organisation, each person is different.  Sometimes we are asked to troubleshoot, and often this leads to individual coaching and facilitation of team meetings to open up and resolve difficult issues.  Our offer may be a six week Leadership development programme or a half day performance improvement workshop; a single coaching or training session or a series of contacts using face to face; online materials; telephone or skype conferencing. One size does not fit all.

Over the last 25 years we have become highly effective in programme management, fielding a team of experienced providers that understand both the training needs and the organisation they are working with.  This explains why most of our business comes through referrals from satisfied customers and we have many long term relationships with clients, becoming embedded in the company and its culture, understanding their world and not just offering ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

To help us always deliver quality we have ISO 9001 for design and delivery of training solutions; we are renowned for going the extra mile; we manage the detail and the big picture; we are trusted to deliver complex operations; we deliver on time, to budget, making a positive difference, and exiting gracefully when the time is right.