Our team

Our values

We love people and effective communication. We are honest about what we see, hear and feel. Results are always important and doing a job well is a standard we always aim to achieve.

When we plan a proposal to meet your requirements a key part of our planning is who can deliver the best results. We always aim to have the right person, the right skills and the right experience in the field at a practical and technical level. Matching the correct coach from our team of consultants to the client is something that we feel is extremely important.

We can (and do) work at all levels; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Our specialists cover a wide range of high level skills from project management to psychometric & team assessment tools, media & marketing to NLP, strategic planning to image and brand and environmental management to business leadership.

Managing Partners – Stephanie Holland and David Morton
IT/Information Manager – Angela Hibbert
Quality Manager – John Lowe
Specialist Associates – Rapport works with a range of experienced consultants, many of whom are published, all of whom are actively employed in their specialist areas.